Nomad Electric pipeline maintenance

Nomad Electrical leads the way in pipeline service and maintenance!

Nomad Electrical Contractors Ltd. has been providing specialized services for pipeline maintenance since 1986. Our experience and dedicated team of professionals has made us leaders in this field. Through our innovative approach to pipeline maintenance coupled with our experience we have the capability to solve pipeline maintenance problems. From design through to implementation, you will get assisted with professional and friendly service every step of the way.


Our pigging services include but are not limited to:
•    Pigging Program Design & Execution for Mainline and Infield Pipelines
•    Smart pigging
•    Pigging from 4” to 24” pipelines
•    Pig repairs and cleaning


We provide third party gauging services.


Our operating services include but are not limited to:
•    Cold oil production, field and facility
•    Gas production, field and facility
•    Infield pipeline maintenance

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