What makes Nomad take safety so seriously?

We Value

Nomad Electrical Contractors Ltd. Values the health and safety of all its employees, contractors, suppliers and customers and is committed to achieving the highest standards in health and safety.

Nomad Electric teamwork safety
Nomad Electric puts safety first


Nomad has earned and maintained a COR (Certificate of Recognition) since the year 2000 and is taking part in the PIR (Partnerships in Injury Reduction) program from WCB (Workers Compensation Board) earning rebates on our health and safety performance since its inception.

Nomad’s environmental policies focus on minimizing our impact through reducing, reusing, recycling, conservation, maintenance and ethical decision making.

Our Safety Mission

Blue skies, green grass, birds chirping, children laughing, a loved one smiling, it is easy to speak safety!  Our commitment is to live safety. We endeavor to get everyone home to all the things that are important to them.
We shall fulfill this promise by:
•    Being stewards in our community and industry
•    Being open with our communication
•    Developing skilled and knowledgeable staff
•    Continually mentoring and challenging workers
•    Adopting and Adapting best practices
•    Partnering with industry leaders
Unity in Safety not just a good intention a way of life.

Nomad’s successful Health, Safety and Environment program requires proper attitude and participation from all its workers, supervisors and managers in providing the proper protection of people, equipment, the environment and material.

Working together on a foundation of commitment, enthusiasm and effort, Nomad can achieve a workplace free of hazards, injury and illness.

How is Nomad helping our environment?

  • 1. Reduce
  • 2. Reuse
  • 3. Recycle